Monday, August 25, 2008

Vegetable recovery night

I am still not back into the full swing of things. I drank 5 bottles of water today. I ended up having a Diet Dr. Pepper after a vicious "I haven't had caffeine all day because I couldn't stomach anything" headache. I just decided to go with an easy all veggie plate. Quick, easy, cheap, and in the end, quite delicious. I cooked Butter Peas in chicken stock and a touch of bacon grease, white corn with the same, and blackeyed peas with some picante for a bit of flavor. I whipped up a pan of cornbread and we ate in a solemn mood. Heather had just found out that while Mimi was in the hospital, they found a tumor on her kidney. They are going to take it on Wednesday. The prognosis is quite positive. So in the end, the colitis was karma paying that great woman back for all the great things she has done. If she had not had that happen, there is no telling when they would have found the tumor. We are discussing about what to do to be there for her. This is all new territory for us. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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