Monday, November 12, 2012


We were on our way back from Baton Rouge and stopped at Don's Specialty Meats in Scott, Louisiana. I picked up a bunch of tasso for shrimp and grits. Heather grabbed a Stuffed Pork Chaudin. We both thought it was a stuffed roast from the way it looked on the outside.
I was looking up how long to cook this "roast" and found out it isn't a roast at all. It is a "cajun meatloaf"; that is to say a sausage stuffed pig stomach. Don's wouldn't sell it if it wasn't awesome so I went for it. I diced up some trinity and softened them in a dutch oven.
I added the chaudin and let it brown a bit. Then I added some chicken stock and let it cook in a 350° oven for about an hour. I pulled it out, strained the trinity, and started to deglaze and make a sauce.
I had to try the stomach. It was chewy, but good; think pork gummy bear. I sliced up the meatloaf and served it over rice topped with the gravy.
Everyone ate so it was a success. If you make it to Scott, Louisiana, make a stop and give it a shot.