Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, the day from heck....

I woke up feeling terrible. That wasn't odd since Dr. Haire changed my BP meds to something new, but as soon as I stood up, I had the urge to purge. It was ugly. Afterwards, I felt reasonably OK. I hate missing work so I got ready, took the boys to school and made it to work. We had lots of things cooking and I hated to leave, but Mother Nature said, "Richard, you have 14.3 minutes to get home before I hurt you!" I made it in 14.2...... After another round of vomiting etc... Heather came home and asked if I was up to going to Jackson. I thought I would be feeling better by the end of the evening so I loaded up in the car, laid the seat back, and tried not to die on the way there. I pretty much went straight to bed and tried not to die.

Heather's Mom was in the hospital so it was a pretty mild weekend. It didn't stop Heather, Jim, Brian and Hollie, and Nat and Rand from making their Walker's reservations though. They said it was excellent. I hate I missed it. Walker's is one of my favorite restaurants. You will have to ask one of them for those details. They went to visit Mimi after they left there.

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