Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bistro Stye Short Ribs

I stopped by Tony's meat market last night on the way home from a long week. I had the taste for some beef, but I didn't see my favorite short ribs in the case. Scott recognized me and told me he had some in the back and would go cut them. A few minutes later he emerged with an entire slab cut perfectly. I took them, a tri-tip steak, and a sixer of Grolsch and headed home.

I usually make them with onion, celery, tomato, bacon, and wine. I had recently seen Tyler Florence make them on his "Ultimate" show on FoodNetwork. He purees the vegetables, then browns them up before adding the liquid. I gave it a shot. You can find the basic recipe here:

I chose to serve mine with some cheese grits. I like the way the juices from the short ribs and the texture of the creamy grits blend into a delicious mush. I will be preparing them this way from now on. OK, maybe a few tweaks here and there, but this was the best so far....

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