Sunday, November 15, 2009

Arancini (Fried Risotto Balls)

Mimi had given me an Italian cookbook for my birthday and I was flipping through it. I saw Arancini and planned on trying it out. I had really forgotten about it till I looked in the fridge and saw a fresh mozzarella ball. I had all the ingredients and some time, so I started by making a basic mushroom risotto. You can find the recipe here:

 Once it has time to cool (or use leftovers from the day before), add 2 eggs. 

 Then form them goo into balls about the size of a golfball. Take small cubes of fresh mozzarella and work them into the center of the ball. Next, get some oil hot. Roll the balls in breadcrumbs (I was out of regular breadcrumbs so I used panko).  These can be frozen at this point and fried later. I dropped some in the oil and fried on both sides until browned. I drained them on paper towels and seasoned them with a bit of salt.

 I was surprised how tasty these were. The gooey melted cheese center makes them fun to eat as well. I will NEVER through away leftover risotto again.