Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tri-tip roast

We have been a fan of the tri-tip since we first tried it. It is part of the sirloin. It is often labled as Santa Maria Barbeque from the Norhern California valley that has made it famous. Last night I was inspired to give it a barbeque technique instead of our normal roasting. Well, we had to adjust a little. The trusty Weber let me down. I wanted to slow roast it, but it never got even close to hot enough. I ended up brining it in and finishing it in the oven so we could eat before midnight. I made some rissoto with a little bit too much roasted garlic. I know! How could anyone say "Too much roasted garlic"! Well, I can tell you, it had a little bit too much roasted garlic. I made some butter peas with some chicken stock and bacon grease. At least those were good. Tanner ate the tri-tip on the end of his fork like a lollipop. He was happy. That always makes it easier.

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