Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mom is gone spaghetti

Heather isn't a big spaghetti fan so I decided to make some in her absence. The bad thing is, I didn't check to make sure the ingredients we "always have" didn't turn into "almost always have". I had no canned tomatoes. Or fresh ones for that matter. I put something together with onion, roasted garlic, ground beef, a can each of tomato sauce and paste, a little red wine, and a few other things. I even took a beautiful picture, or thought I did.... Use your imagination. Tanner was happy, that is all that mattered tonight. He had a tough day at school.

On a brighter note, Mimi is doing excellent! Between the morphine and other wonders of modern medicine, she is almost bearable. ;-) She knows I love her. Heather is a wonderful care giver because her heart is so big. Mimi is in good hands.

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