Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strip steak with chipotle smashed potatoes and green beans

This was the intended meal for Saturday night. I lightly seasoned the strips and seared them in the cast iron roasting pan. I finished them in the oven. I had made the chipotle smashed potatoes for dinner at Dad's and simply reheated them and topped them with a pat of butter. I blanched some green beans and seasoned them with some Asian seasoning blend Mimi gave me for Christmas last year. Sounds odd, but this was the convergence I was missing Saturday. Everything complimented each other in different ways. The clarified butter on the steak oozed into the crisp beans, that had the sharp bite that blended with the potatoes with the smokiness shared with the seard steak, etc... I was happy. Here is the potato recipe that everyone should try. It is such a better use of sweet potatoes than the marshmallow topped sweet crap you get every where else.

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