Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red beans and rice Monday

I found some andouille at Kroger. It was technically Johnsonville "andouille flavored" sausage, but I was ready for some read beans so I went with it. Why is it so inconceivable that in a city of this size that we can't support one meat market or specialty shop? Am I asking for too much? URGH! I digress. I chopped some celery, onion, and bell pepper. I added some thyme, Tony Cacheres, garlic, salt, and pepper. I chunked all that in the crockpot with a pound of red beans. Errr.... Red kidney beans. I didn't pay attention when I got them. I added some chicken stock and some water and let them cook all day. I grilled the sausage and made some garlic toast. The rice was sticky because Kroger in their infinite wisdom decided not to carry Zatarain's rice anymore. URGH! Even with all the capitulation, this hit the spot. The leftovers were good too. No one spent too long in my office on Tuesday either. BONUS!

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Lisa said...

I'm totally with you on the why can't we support one good meat market and WHY, oh WHY, has Kroger decided not to carry Zatarains???? I've been terribly upset every time I've been to the store lately. My cupboards are bare!