Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prime rib with asparagus and risotto

Heather had found a standing rib roast on sale at Fresh Market a few weeks ago. We had the opportunity so we thawed it and made a paste from horseradish, rosemary, and thyme. After rubbing it down, I let it rest for a few hours. I took 6 lbs of kosher salt and added enough water to make it snow like. I completely covered the roast in the salt. It sounds crazy, but it forms a crust around the roast. I slow roasted it in the oven until it hit 138 in the middle and let it rest another 20 minutes. Heather made risotto with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and a touch of truffle oil. The steamed asparagus was topped with hollandaise. Heather opened a Coppola Merlot we had been saving. Nice meal.

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