Saturday, February 14, 2009

Steak and Tomatoes

This is my first attempt at flat iron steak. I had read about it and seen it before, but never fell for the hype. Well I should have. This is a very inventive cut of meat. Check out the details here: This is the basic recipe I followed: I took the steak, dried it well and lightly coated it with olive oil. I took some fresh rosemary, fresh sage, salt, and pepper and coated both sides. I got the grill to about 510 and popped it on 3 minutes each side. It rested for about 10 minutes after that. I asked Heather to make a simple risotto. I didn't want the two to compete, but I didn't want a potato either. The sauce was a bit thinner than I had expected. It reduced to the point it scared me to let it go longer, but it was very thin. Flavorful, but thin. The tomatoes are a Heather original recipe. I scooped the insides out of two Romas and drained them good. Then I took cream cheese and Saga blue brie and mixed well with a little minced onion. I topped it with panko and baked.
I will make the sauce different, but this one will be repeated.

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