Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pepperoncini pork roast

This is simple, but incredible. Thanks to Vicki Beghtol for the inspiration. This is a pork version. Vicki uses beef, but the pork was on sale. HA! I took a Boston Butt of pork, put most of a package of Italian seasonings over it. I layered sliced onion in the bottom of the trusy crockpot and added the roast. I emptied a bottle of pepperoncini pepper juice into the pot, turned it on high and went to work. Heather put the peppers in with it when she got home from work and cut the pork into big chucks. I took C to TKD and Heather did the rest. She made nachos with refried beans and Monterrey jack. I topped mine with sour cream, salsa verde and jalapenos. We took the tender pork and peppers and put them in a tortilla for an Italian/TexMex meal. It was REALLY good. Not too spicy, but it kept your attention. I am taking the leftovers to work for a really cool sandwich.

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