Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grilled Salmon w/ Jalapeno Butter and grilled corn

Heather worked on the jalapeno butter while I was at flag football practice with Tanner. She learned a valuable lesson. NEVER chop a jalapeno, breathe the vapors in, then wipe your eyes without washing your hands. Niagara Falls had nothing on her tear ducts. However, the end result was worthy of the lesson. I fired up the charcoal when I got home and shucked the corn. That is what good ole' country boys do. However, I screwed up when I couldn't get the charcoal to stay hot. I put one piece of newspaper in the chimney to keep the coals going. I thought nothing of it. I cooked the corn in the husks for about 15 minutes. I pulled them off and put on the simply seasoned salmon fillets. I smoked them for about 6 minutes. They were done. I pulled everything off and plated it. There was a very strange aroma. I put a large pat of the jalapeno butter on the fillet and took a picture. Then I took a huge dollop of the seasoned butter and spread it over my fillet. Heather had taken some white truffle oil and blended it with some clarified butter for the corn. Excellent combination. However, my screw up of adding one sheet of newspaper reared its ugly head with a strange funk. Luckily, the meal was delicious. Simple, semi-healthy, but funky. I regret messing up Heather's otherwise brilliant meal. Lesson learned. Please check out the salmon recipe here:

It is worth the effort.....

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