Monday, September 15, 2008

Dinner at the Smith's

We went to the Smith's for dinner and an MSU game. The former was much better than the latter. The Antillon's made it. We hadn't seen them in quite some time. Lisa is not afraid of serving something to guests on the first attempt. She made some crab stuffed pepperoncini peppers that were a delicious bite. Then she moved on to Shrimp and Andoullie in a mustard sauce. She made some seasoned green beans and a "creamed corn" that was fantastic. She had 2 little pans of cornbread to finish it off. It was nice. She can provide the recipes if you need them. Maybe she'll leave them in a comment. She also made a peach cobbler that was tasty. We had that with some leftover peach ice cream and it was great. Carlos brought a big bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and I brought a Pinot Noir. We finished those off and watched the game. Maybe we should do that again when State has a for sure win lined up like LA Tech. Oh wait... Nevermind.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Recipe links are below:

And, no, I've never been shy about turning my friends into guinea pigs for new recipes!