Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eye-of-round with mushroom sauce, creamed potatoes, and fordham hook lima beans

Heather found a great looking eye-of-round while we were shopping. But how do you best prepare a beautiful roast that has zero fat. Zilch, nada, negative. Do you roast it wet and slow? Dry and fast? Mimi called Aunt Sheryl and suggested roasting it as hot as your oven will go with minimal seasoning coating it. Slice it thin and you will win. This is what I did. Heather made a brown sauce. The mother of all the mother sauces. She added it to the pan drippings and sauteed mushrooms. It was a hit. The potatoes were, well, potatoes. The lima beans were large and a bit bland. Overall, it was pretty good and the leftovers made a great sandwich.

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