Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drop biscuits

Heather got me this cast iron drop biscuit pan for Christmas. The first batch on Christmas morning stuck to the "preseasoned" pan. After a thorough cleaning and real round of seasoning, the biscuits popped right out. I used Alton Brown's biscuit recipe with a slight modification. You really must use a pastry cutter to get everything just right before the fats have time to cool. I overcooked them just a bit, but I am learning to use the pan. I cut some Boar's Head cheddar and let it melt over the hot biscuit half. Two eggs, over medium and breakfast was served.
Mimi got me a subscription to Cook's Illustrated. The first issue of my own has a new technique for French Omelets. You will see the results soon. Hopefully.....

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