Monday, December 1, 2008

Pizza Shack Friday night

We ordered pizza from the Pizza Shack. Hollie was considered it "Market Research" since it is so close to Sal and Mookies. We let her slide on this one. The pizza is very, very good. If you like your topping piled on with very thin crust, this is for you.
We also got some hotwings. Very HOTwings. They have mild, hot, or Firestarter. Being Burwell's we opted for the latter of course. I was sweating like Michael Jackson watching Oz by my third one. Once we had finished the wings, there was about 2 oz of sauce left in the container. Well, where it wasn't burning through the foil. I asked Hollie if she would do it in a shot. She replied, "For $20!". Cheap entertainment. I said the one stipulation was that she couldn't drink anything for 4 minutes. She slammed it and played with Emma like it was nothing. I can't imagine what the pain was like on Saturday. I hope I never find out till my colonoscopy.

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