Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independce Day Celebration at the Smith's

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Smith's to celebrate the birth of this great nation. A nation conceived in liberty and the right to pursue delicious shrimp, sausage, and ribs. All joking aside, I thank God every day that I live where I have the freedoms we have been granted.

Roger boiled some shrimp and sausage in a cajun crab boil concoction. He grilled chicken wings and made some hot, some mild. He also grilled the corn. There were plenty of fruit trays and Lisa made some vegetables in a warmer that were cooked to perfection, even though she was overly concerned about them. I made 3 racks of ribs that I used my new Penskey's BBQ3000 dry rub on. I finished them with a little Sticky Fingers sauce to give them a nice glaze. I also made some of Mimi's slaw. Cabbage and onion is shaved, not thinly sliced, but shaved. If you only thinly slice them Mimi yells at you. A little mayo, garlic salt, and ground pepper is added and mixed. I don't really like slaw, but I love this stuff. Heather made her famous chocolate cookies and for once, we nearly ate everything.

We had a good time and met some new friends. Isn't that is what Independece is all about anyway?

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James and Carolyn said...

Hi Barkley clan! I ran across your blog on facebook and love reading about the amazing things y'all cook-up at your house. Since you are so good at coming up with some amazing fixins I have an idea for a new feature you should add to the blog- people can type in ingredients that they have in the kitchen and TADA! you come up with some tasty concoction for them. Lately I have found myself in the predicament of having random ingredients in the fridge and no idea of what I could make of them. haha Anyway, I enjoy reading so keep blogging away! - Your long lost cousin Carolyn (Henry) Corrao