Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicken Piccata with mushrooms and artichokes

This is one of our favorite quick and easy meals.

I started by mixing flour, basil, pepper, and a little salt. Then I juiced and zested a lemon. I added about a Tbl of capers and about 3 Tbl of chardonnay.

I tossed chicken tender chunks that I had sliced and pounded out to a constant consistency in the seasoned flour.

I sautéed the chicken in 3 Tbl of butter with 2 Tbl of Olive Oil. Depending on the thickness, it takes about 2 minutes per side.

I simultaneously sautéed some mushrooms in a bit of butter until they were soft. Then I tossed in some chopped artichokes just to heat it through.

Once the chicken was done I removed it and deglazed the pan with the lemon/wine/caper mixture. Then I added the chicken back to let it thicken.

Then I tossed angel hair pasta with the mushrooms and artichokes. Once the pasta was plated I topped it with the chicken and sauce. Some shaved Parmesan just for the fun of it and we chowed.

The key to this is the lemon zest. It really brightens the whole dish. I used chardonnay, but I prefer a Pinot Grigio, but I had chardonnay readily available so that is what I went with. Also, if you need more liquid, you can add chicken stock to get the consistency you want.

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