Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boursin fillet with stuffed tomatoes and onion strips

This is a "go to" we have not as often as I would like. Lets start with the tomatoes. I halved 3 Roma tomatoes and scooped out the seeds and core. I know that is where all the great nutrients are, but I don't really like it. I liberally salted the inside and put them on a rack to leech them.

While the tomatoes leeched, I took 2 oz of blue cheese, 2 oz of cream cheese and about Tbl of finely minced red onion. I took a fork and blended the mixture. Then I stuffed the tomatoes with the mixture and topped them with a bit of panko. Then they went into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

Then I took 2 fillets and seasoned them with Penzey's BBQ 3000. This stuff is amazing. It defies logic, but it really enhances the pure beef flavor.

I took about 4 Tbls of softened butter and half a container of boursin. I blended it with a fork.

I learned this little trick to get the gas grill REALLY hot. I turned all 3 burners on high and put an aluminum chaffing dish over the grill. I closed the lid and walked away. Once the thermometer pegged out, I removed the chaffing dish and scrubbed the grates with a brush. The fillets make the most beautiful sound when they hit that hot grill. PShhhhhhhh!

Heather had the great idea of topping the fillets with a sprinkling of onion strips. She sliced up a yellow onion and coated them with a cajun spiced batter. The results were not what we intended and the strips clumped up. We chose to make it a side item instead of a topping. No biggie.

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