Saturday, June 12, 2010

Louisiana Bistro

On a recent business trip to NOLA, Tom and I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite chefs, Susan Spicer. I didn't know what our schedule was going to be so I didn't make reservations. However, we decided to hoof it over to Bayona to see if they could sneak us in. Alas, there were no available tables and to make it worse, chef Spicer was there that night. The hostess suggested Louisiana Bistro which is a block away. We decided to try it.

What the quaint restaurant lacks in size, it make up for it in style. There is a standard menu with typical Bistro fair. We noticed a "Feed me" option on the menu. You could choose between 3, 4, or 5 course meal. Chef Eric Mars comes out and asks you what you like and don't like. Then he goes back to the kitchen and works his magic.

The First dish was three crawfish beignets on a plate of lemon burre blanc with a cayenne drizzle. I had no idea beignets could be savory. They were light and perfectly done. The chef came out and explained the dish. Too cool.

The second course was grilled swordfish on a sweet potato puree with a blah, blah sauce. I couldn't understand what he called the sauce. I called it tasty. I wouldn't have paired sweet potatoes and swordfish, but I am glad chef Mars did. Wow!

The final course was saffron rice stuffed roasted quail on a tasso ragout. Holy crap this was good. I had told Chef Mars I really liked tasso and was disappointed I hadn't see it yet. The ragout was incredible. The quail was tender and juicy. It was a nice way to finish the meal.

Kudos Chef Mars! Thanks for the great meal!